SCAN Health Plan

Inner Space Constructors
Urquiza Group Inc.

Fresh finishes for a researched, one-of-a-kind workplace

When SCAN Health Plan decided to remodel multiple floors of an existing office building near the Long Beach Airport, they did so with a mission to truly change their workplace environment, not just update furniture and finishes. Status quo was not an option. The entire team sought to create a model of the “new workplace” where studying items like flexibility of space, density, and financial efficiency were essential to learning how their staff worked best and could work better- not just any staff at any office. CIR was able to assist the designer early on with products to suit the vibrant, re-energized space. CIR’s installers worked carefully with ornate, patterned carpets and varying stains of bamboo wood flooring. These finishes required a higher attention to detail and transitions than an average TI installation- exquisite results were the outcome.