LPA San Diego

LPA, San Diego Office

Maintaining Integrity, earning LEED Gold just in time for Earth Week

After decades of great partnership with design firm LPA, when our team learned that their growing staff was opening a new office in downtown San Diego, we jumped at the chance to help out. Moving into an old Wonder Bread factory proved to be full of challenges and opportunities to reuse the space smartly and efficiently. Former grain silos became “collaboration pods,” strategically covered with bright orange rubber tiles, where employees could meet and work together under skylights, repurposed from the previous roof openings. Enriching, but keeping, the existing finishes were very important to the client so sealing the concrete properly for a working environment, leaving metal manhole covers, and refinishing the hardwood floors were all under CIR’s scope of work. Coincidentally, LPA’s superb, eco-conscious remodel earned them LEED Gold Certification the same week as Earth Week. CIR’s staff was not only enthusiastic, but also, capable of meeting and exceeding the clients needs in a very unique existing space.

Photos courtesy of “Costea Photography, Inc.” or “Costeaphoto.com”