LAUSD South Los Angeles High School #3

LAUSD South Los Angeles High School #3 (Augustus F. Hawkins High School)
Clark Construction
CSDA Architects

A sleek, new campus in urban South LA for students and community members alike

As a member of the comprehensive construction team building out the multi-million dollar project for LAUSD’s new campus and high school, CIR knew there was much at stake from very early on. Needing to stay conscious¬† of target budgets and tightening schedules, CIR’s staff worked vigilantly on 4 floors of new classrooms and corridors where intricate resilient tile patterns specified by the design team. The impressive new facility and campus accommodates for 2,000+ students and community members housing state-of-the-art classrooms, performing arts rooms, science labs, a library, gymnasium, athletic fields, and more.