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Interiors are only as good as their installation. Nothing satisfies us more than a great installation. It’s proof of great planning and teamwork, and a highly skilled discipline in its own right.

We employ the industry’s most experienced and best-trained installation technicians. We’re justifiably proud of them – and of their ability to continually seek new ways to make installation as efficient and timely as possible. With unparalleled expertise in site conditions, carpet backings, pre-treatments, adhesives and many other variables, our installers are the front line of flooring success.

The equipment we use is also state-of-the-art, and eco-sensitive. We use environmentally friendly installation products, including adhesives, cleaners, sealers and spray applications. These products have no volatile organic compounds yet also prevent bacterial growth and fungi underneath flooring. This comprehensive and green approach to commercial interior installation provides a safer work environment for employees, and a healthier world for us all.

Project Management

The best project management involves more than ensuring a project’s smooth flow at every step. That’s essential, to be sure. But so is working closely to understand and define your needs at the outset to ensure you’re following the right process to begin with. The comfort level you experience with CIR begins with the clarity we provide, as well as the diligence we apply to every step: Project planning, Product consultation, Site assessment, Estimating, Installation, and Maintenance.

New Space

With over two decades’ of experience helping companies to move into new facilities, we’re expert at making the process as smooth and satisfying as possible. We begin by assessing the full range of your needs and expectations – from aesthetics and durability to maintenance, usage and budget. Among many other considerations, we’ll want to know whether your solution is “front of house”, where clients will see it, or “back of house’ only. Will your flooring be in a high-traffic area? Will it be in an area such as a call center that’s in use 24-7? Our step-by-step process assures that we do the best job possible of meeting your needs, and of delivering the best possible value to you.

Second Generation Space

Okay, so you’ve leased a building or a floor and you’re eager to move in as soon as you know what’s up with your flooring. Where to begin? CIR has the expertise to save you unnecessary costs, headaches and delays. Will your second-generation flooring need to be patched, cleaned, restored or replaced? And what about the sub-flooring beneath it? We can assess the state of your flooring to determine what will be necessary to make your space furniture-ready. From there, we’ll develop the perfect plan for staging materials into your new space without impacting existing tenants.

Occupied Space

Imagine thousands of pieces of furniture, to say nothing of hundreds of pieces of artwork and plants, sitting on football fields worth of deteriorating flooring. Now consider the logistics of moving it all – in such a way that productivity suffers as little as possible. Daunting? Not with CIR.

Did you know that less than 40 percent of the cost of most commercial carpet replacements relates to the flooring? Most of the time, the largest cost factor is furniture handling. To address this huge but often overlooked cost center, CIR became one of the first in the industry to put patented Renovisions® lift technology to work. Combine Renovisions with a comprehensive CIR phasing plan and outstanding communications at every step, and you’ve got what it takes to make your installation as close to hassle-free as it can be.

Backed by all major manufacturers, Renovision is an efficient and economical alternative to dismantling and moving office furniture. With it, we can quickly and efficiently install new carpet without moving, packing or disconnecting a single data or electrical wire. Renovision features a hand-controlled friction jacking system, patented freestanding lifting devices and other move tools that ensure proper handling of all your major furniture systems. With Renovision, we can install your product at night or during non-business hours, minimizing downtime and cost. And with our advanced dust-mitigating products and techniques, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that your people come to work the very next day without fear of health compromises, either.