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Time and cost savings, yes. Guesswork, no. With CIR, the days of confusing change orders and hidden costs are over. An early adopter of advanced Callidus estimating technology, CIR provides detailed estimates for every project – quickly.

Our system enables us to import drawings from AutoCAD as well as PDFs, JPEGs, TIFs, GIFs, and hard plans. We can also create floor plans completely from scratch. For you, this means full-color floor plans that make visualizing your project easy, right down to seam-by-seam layout directions.

Better still, our advanced estimating technology supports effortless project changes. Want to make a revision? No problem. We’ll provide a new summary diagram, with updated numbers, installation estimates and costs, right away.


Callidus Report

As one of the first to use Callidus in the commercial interiors industry, we remain experts in applying this powerful software tool to help our clients visualize products and projects better. With this solution, we provide vivid, full-color CAD reports detailing key project features, including product types, size and volumes. Reports even showcase aesthetics such as wood grains and carpet patterns, helping you better imagine an actualized project. With these reports, we can also quickly identify problem areas before projects are sent out to bid. This is a huge benefit for clients, and something only CIR provides.


Seaming Diagram

Facility take-offs can be a challenge for even the best installer. To minimize problems and cost, we obtain extensive measurements from each production run of patterned carpet. This gives us a detailed road map and helps us achieve the best pattern alignment. Equipped with the clearest understanding of how to match your flooring’s pattern and grain, we waste considerably less product – and save you considerable time and money.


Phasing Plan

Typically used for installations in occupied spaces, phasing plans enable us to clearly illustrate the many steps of a project, and what will happen when. This helps you communicate important details to your staff, such as key installation dates or project start and stop times. Our phasing plans can also help speed project approval, helping CFOs and other leaders feel more comfortable about the project implementation process. In all, the phasing plan is a valuable communication tool, clearly conveying installation details so you don’t have to.


Broadloom / Carpet Tile Comparison

With new products entering the marketplace each day, it’s harder than ever to know which options are the more environmentally friendly or cost effective. With our broadloom and carpet tile comparison, we eliminate the guesswork, clearly outlining key details for clients. We compare a range of carpet tile and broadloom products, all of which meet your design scheme, and then objectively highlight key benefits and drawbacks of each. This comparison then offers a quick snapshot of products, enabling you to make more informed choices more quickly.